Looking For a Home Remedy For Colic? Here Are Some Useful Tips!

As a new mother, chances are that you have already heard about the common but distressing condition called colicky baby. Occurring to almost 25% of all babies born in this world, this is perhaps one of the most trying conditions not just for the baby but for the parents and the caregivers too. Here the baby cries incessantly without any apparent reason. Strangely, baby colic appears when the baby is about a couple of months old and disappears mysteriously once the baby is about 3 months of age. Though there are plenty of colic cure products available in the market, including homeopathy, as a mother, you need to be ready with some home remedy for colic for pacifying your crying child.

But before you know more about any home remedy for colic, you need to remember one important aspect of colic management. What works for other babies may not work in your case. Then a remedy which worked wonderfully the first time, may not be as effective when you try it the second time. Even then, you need to believe in the efficacy of these remedies and try them for quick and prompt relief from colic symptoms:

• The classical cause for colic is excess gas formation. For relief, massage the baby’s stomach, especially the area around the navel in slow and gentle circular movements. This not only releases excess gas but can be a good home remedy for colic.

• A preventive step is not to allow any gas formation. Therefore, after every feed, hold the baby upright in your arms and gently pat his back, the area at the back of the stomach. Allow his head to rest on your shoulder and wait till he burps.

• Soak some fennel seeds in water and keep overnight. Give half teaspoon of fennel water to the baby in the morning. This is a common home remedy for colic in several Asian countries. In fact, this water can be given to the baby up to three times a day, depending on his age.

• Chamomile, ginger, catnip, and peppermint are considered excellent herbs for the management of baby colic. They are very safe for the baby too. Administer up to 4 ounces of herbal tea every day to the colicky child and you are bound to get relief. Needless to mention, you are not going to replace a baby’s meals with such herbal teas!

• Realize the importance of burping even during feeds. Allow him to burp every now and then while he is being fed. Stop the feeding for a few minutes, let him burp and then continue with the feeding. This prevents any excess air from entering his digestive tract while eating. Your baby may not like his feeds being interrupted like this, but then this can be a good home remedy for colic.

• To prevent your baby from colic problems, always bathe him in warm water. This not only comforts him but also permits the emission of any excess gas formed in his stomach or intestine. You can also help the baby to emit gas if you keep a lukewarm water bottle near his stomach.