Beneficial Atopic Eczema Home Remedies

Atopic eczema home remedies are easy to do and follow. Besides that all materials are usually found at home, the possibility of harmful side effects is also prevented or reduced. In addition, most home remedies are less expensive than over the counter medications and other treatments prescribed by doctors.

To relieve the itchiness brought about by atopic eczema, nutmeg paste and vitamin E can be applied to affected areas. If excessive drying of the skin is experienced, coconut oil may address the problem. It was also found out that applying light mudpack and drinking tomato juice are effective atopic eczema home remedies. Another helpful home remedy is a mixture of one teaspoon of camphor with another teaspoon of sandalwood paste. This mixture can be applied to affected area and kept for some time to be able to achieve its optimum effect.

Sun baths and water treatments are also effective in the treatment of eczema. Water treatments that were proved to be effective are cold compress and cold wet fomentations, which can be done twice a day. Also considered very helpful are Biotin pills, which are known to be effective in preventing atopic eczema. Zinc that are topically applied or orally taken is also very useful.

Besides water treatment, oil treatment is also done to treat eczema. To be able to do this, two hundred grams of mustard oil mixed with fifty grams of margosa or neem leaves are boiled in an iron container. The leaves are boiled until they turned black. After boiling, the leaves are left to cool and then sieved. The end product can be applied to affected skin areas for four times a day.

Although atopic eczema home remedies are effective treatments, several things should still be considered so as to prevent and control this condition. Intakes of foods rich in oils and spices must be taken in moderation to prevent aggravating the condition. In addition, an individual who has a history of atopic eczema must be responsible to determine allergens that may have caused the condition. If identified, these factors must be removed from the environment immediately. Special considerations to temperature must also be considered. That is the reason why individuals with eczema must avoid taking a bath with too hot or cold water. Intakes of foods that are too cold like ice creams are also prevented.

All these things mentioned if followed are very helpful in treating, preventing and controlling atopic eczema. These must be used in combination with proper diet and nutrition as well as avoidance of triggering factors that can lead to aggravation of symptoms. Simple home remedies are very helpful in treating and preventing certain diseases. As what most people say, treatment usually starts at home. Atopic eczema home remedies are very easy to use and you will be able to treat your skin disease at the comforts of your own home.